Create an Abundant Life:
Relationships, Money, Time & Health.
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"Amplifying your Abundance & Confidence"
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For high-achieving women who want it all.
I guide you to awaken your potential to create your dream life with ease.
By releasing the limiting patterns that are holding you back and tap into an abundant mindset for you to BE-DO-HAVE anything you desire!
Free Masterclass "Amplifying your Abundance & Confidence"
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I am Anita Rivas,
An expert on human potential and the mind. For more than 10 years I have studied different modalities: psychology & neuroeducation degree, emotions, manifestation...

However, my teaching comes from my own personal transformations and the embodiment of this deep work. How I went from unhealthy relationships to a conscious relationship that keeps getting better, how from being an employee to a thriving wealthy business in less than a year, from lack of confidence, depression and eating disorder to loving myself and healing this.

This is why I am so passionate about this work, my purpose is to elevate the consciousness of human beings by guiding them to awake their unlimited potential and create the life they desire. 
Do you believe in a possibility in which you can live an ABUNDANT life in ALL areas?
1st step is to believe this possibility exists for you and get clear on what you truly want.
2nd is to study why you are not there, the limiting patterns that are holding you back.
3rd is to implement a plan and shift your mindset to close the gap between your current results and this possibility (epic goals).
The methodology
Coaching Programme
We see your goal together and I identify what are your MAIN BLOCKAGES and THE ROOT CAUSE (unconscious beliefs).
Work with the limiting beliefs
I create specific tools for you to release those blockages, fears, doubts and create empowering beliefs to be a match and achieve your goal with ease.
Subconscious reprogramming towards your goals requires long-term committment and daily repetition to become the person you want to become and create the life and business that you desire.

This is the content of the programme

Individual and group






"You are a physical extension of pure positive energy. Therefore, there is nothing more important than that you feel good."
Esther Hicks

My services

Let's get to work
Group ProgrammeIndividual Programme
Group Programme
This program is about awakening your greatness to be a magnet to your goals (abundance of money, relationships, business, health, time). It is about shifting your mindset, releasing emotional blockages and creating a live full of love, joy, purpose and abundance. 

It includes:
• Individual 30' call with me before you start the program (to explore the blockages and goal) & at the end of the journey.
• 1 hour group teachings live every Monday, it will be recorded for you to replay if you can't attend live.
• 1 hour group coaching & live question-answers (on Thursday).
• Workbook, tools to reprogramme your subconscious towards your goal and exercises for you to embody every day and accelerate your results (daily repetition).
• Wealthy-Healthy-Success routines & habits.
• Private Facebook group: a commUNITY of big thinkers that holds you and supports you (life long term relationships and networking)
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Individual Programme
You have access to the group program to maintain this energy, focus and peak performance state (optional); and you also to personalised individual calls every week:

• See what is blocking and holding you back from your success.
• Go straight to the root cause and transform this into an empowering and abundant self.
• Answer personalised questions and give you insights after learning from the best of this industry.
• Shift business situations or any other challenge in an instant. 
It includes:
• 1h individual call with Anita every  two weeks.
• Access to group coaching (optional)
• Individual personalised millionaire success routines, health and wealth habits.
•Tools created for you individually to reprogram your subconscious and accelerate this process.
• Private Facebook group: a community that holds you and supports you (Ana loves connecting like minded people and from some of their clients friendships and business ideas and new projects have emerged- she believes that abundance is unlimited and it is best shared)
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A unique mentorship individual experience for high achieving CEOs looking to expand in every area of their life: business, leadership, relationships, health, spirituality. 

• Wealth and business mindset-energetics-manifesation
• Releasing emotional blockages
• Developing leadership skills
• Multimillionaire success habits and Peak performance routines
• Spiritual growth, purpose and personal develpment to create impact through your business
• Tools to reprogramme your subconscious and achieve your personal/professional goals.

ONLY 3 clients per year (by referrals or interview)
It includes:
• 1 year of high level 1:1 mentorship (up to 4 calls per month)
• 1 in person week immersion accelerators every 3 months with the possibility to see the company from the inside- valued alone at €50.000
• Sessions to specifically shift the energy or release any emotional blockage before important business situations, meetings.
• Access to Ana's grop programme (optional)
• Personalised tools created specifically for you to achieve your goals quicker: meditations, visualisations, emotional blockages releasing, nervous system regulation, journaling prompts and more.
• Exclusive daily access to Ana
Download the Dossier of the Program
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If you want to have a first contact with Anita...
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What is the difference between group and individual programmes?

The group programme is for those that want to be surrounded by an environment of big thinkers and to master their mindset and have the information and tools behind their goals. I teach you on how to think and act differently by shifting the self-identity to achieve your goals.
The individual programme has this same access to the group, but we also dive into personal blockages, situations and the root cause for those that want to dive even deeper into their personal growth and greatness.

What is the difference between a conventional coach and Ana?

A conventional business motivates and teaches strategies & action plans for the business to grow and for their goals.

The main difference with what I do, is that for long term results the change doesn't come from an action or strategy, it comes from a inwards transformation and a change in our personality (the way we think, feel, habits..). My programmes teach the individual to reprogramme their subconscious to not only achieve those goals, but to sustain them and keep expanding. It is for those that want long term results and commitment vs a quick fix pill. It is also the energy, my unique vision to see and hold you to your potential. I not only teach from a background in psychology or human potential but from my own personal results consciously created. It is a compilation of more than 10 years of this personal and professional growth, it comes from a shift in my own mindset-energy and embodiment of this work.

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

A coach focuses more on the questions and action plan; a mentor collapses time because they have experienced already those results, they teach from their own results that they have consciously created. Ana does both. 

Is getting a coach worth it?

If you want the same results in your business or life and don’t take responsibility, it’s not worth it. If it comes from taking responsibility, committing to your growth on a daily basis and want a to grow on a long term run in your life and business, it is PRICELESS.

What should I expect from a coach or Ana?

A great guide that teaches from experience and results, someone that empowers you and sees your potential and guides you on the way to your success. Someone that believes in your greatness (cause she leads by example), holds you the vision, and navigates with you in any obstacle-challenge.

Why do CEOS, leaders or anyone needs a coach?

Anyone that wants to expand in any area, to grow professionally and personally is not made to do it alone, we are made for support and guidance. We can do this work alone, but a coach that leads by example collapses the time for you and sees what you are not aware yet (awareness comes from results, not from knowledge). Ana has both the awareness (results) and the knowledge after years educating herself.

If I hire a coach or mentor do I achieve my goals?

This is always going to depend on your goal, your previous mindset work or background, personal factors, your commitment and energy on this work. Everyone is in a different stage of this path, however this work is always transformational, there is always a win in knowing yourself more, your wellbeing, your awareness expanding and becoming your best version every day.
A small business coach helps small business owners to get better results in their business, handle their emotions or stress, make more sales, execute plans, etc.

What is the best programme for me?

This depends on every unique individual and the magnitude of their goal, if the gap between the goal and where they are is bigger this requires a longer programme (a long term commitment) because they are learning new ways to think and reprogramming new neural pathways to their goals. This is why 6 months is the minimum to work with Ana, new neural pathways requires repetition and long term commitment. This is why there is a free discovery call, to see where you are at the moment and what you want; and see what program suits you best. Usually, starting entrepreneurs begin with the group and many times they uplevel to the individual programme, those that are already in business and want to accelerate the results prefer individual coaching.